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How to Raise a Positive and Confident Child

Being an English-Spanish Bilingual Preschool, we at Creative Mind Preschool are able to see on a daily basis the amazing benefits of learning, understanding and using another language in early childhood development. We are proud to share that our current families represent over 50 nationalities. Several of our children already come from bilingual homes and we are introducing them on occasion to a third language! It has been well documented that learning a second and/or multiple languages not only stimulates the development of a child’s brain but also boosts their confidence and self-esteem.


Creative Mind Preschool is all about Character Education.

Instilling love and kindness at an early age becomes a part of the overall outlook throughout one’s life. Here are some recommendations to help encourage positive emotions and behaviors, as well as, healthy self-esteem.

1. Practice Positive Affirmations

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Positive affirmations are statements that we can repeat to ourselves and promote positive thinking and increase self-esteem. We can let children come up with their own words of affirmation. The power of affirmations does not come from just mindlessly repeating the words, but from internalizing the true meaning and taking personal ownership of the ideas they represent. Some examples include “I am kind” or “I am loving”, or “I am a good friend”. When WE, teachers, educators, and parents reinforce positive attributes via loving reassurance and descriptive affirmations such as “you are such a great listener”, “you are so kind”, “you are so giving”, you are so loving instead of a quick “good job”, it empowers our children and nurtures their self-confidence and happiness.


2. Meditation and Breathing Techniques

Loving-kindness meditation has to do with sending positive thoughts to ourselves, to our
loved ones, and to the rest of the world. It is wonderful to incorporate meditation habits
early in life: it gives children a simple tool to self-sooth and self-love.


spanish bilingual preschool3. Helping Others

Let us encourage children to help others, whether it’s helping a friend pick up a toy or helping parents with chores. Helping others is not only beneficial for the person who is being helped, but it also creates a sense of accomplishment and happiness in the child helping. Knowing that they created a positive impact in someone else’s life will enhance the child’s own positive attitude.



4. Experience Positive Emotions Together

One of the best ways to teach children is to practice it ourselves. We need to be role models in demonstrating positive emotions and children will follow. Let’s also share positive experiences with children, whether it’s laughing together while playing or with signs of affection like kissing and hugging.


About Creative Mind Preschool

Creative Mind Preschool is an English-Spanish bilingual preschool committed to helping children develop into positive and kind individuals. Each one of our educators at Creative Mind Preschool specializes in early childhood education and strives to nurture and educate children in all facets of life from a young age. To take a tour of Creative Mind Preschool, contact us here. You can follow us for more updates on Facebook and Instagram!

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