North Hollywood Daycare

Our philosophy at our North Hollywood daycare is that character education leads to the right path in life. Students are able to learn compassion, courage, and thoughtfulness through our play-based learning curriculum.

Emotional and physical well-being is a huge part of our lesson plan, where we focus on how the children are doing on a day-to-day basis. The goal is to have students create great habits that they will use in their everyday lives.

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Our Teachers

Our North Hollywood daycare teachers are some of the top rated in the area They are truly dedicated to children’s education. Each teacher has specialized in early childhood education. Following Title 22 regulations, the Department of Justice of Sacramento has screened, fingerprinted, and cleared all of our teachers. Parents are able to have peace of mind knowing their children are in safe hands.

Creative Mind Activities

Our North Hollywood daycare activities are what makes our preschool unique. We believe creating activities to keep children learning is the best method of education. Therefore children participate in activities such as reading, and Spanish immersion, where children are able to gradually learn the language naturally over time. We also provide additional physical activities such as yoga and soccer.

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