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Opportunities at creative mind preschool

Are you interested in changing the lives and shaping the young minds of our future generations?

 At Creative Mind Preschool we are always seeking great educators to join our team. As one of the top-rated preschools in Los Angeles, with a high quality of early childhood education in our preschool program, we connect with and serve families throughout the year. 


Our values are based on these three areas:

  • Building Character 
  • Nurturing Creativity 
  • Stimulating Minds


If this is in alignment with your teaching values, we would love to hear from you! 

Please email your resume to 

We keep resumes on hand and will reach out as new job opportunities arise. 

Internship Opportunities

Are you thinking of becoming a Preschool teacher or studying early childhood education? 

Come join us and enjoy your practicum and internship at one of the best preschools in Los Angeles. We take students from Santa Monica College, LACC, PCC, and other colleges.  If you are not a student yet and are seriously thinking of becoming one,  we encourage you to send us your resume. Let’s get you going in one of the most interesting fields e a difference in children’s lives, parent’s lives, and most definitely your life. 


Thank you for your interest, we look forward to connecting with you!

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Award-winning children’s book series from our Director – Brigitte Benchimol

Jadyn and The Magic Bubble

Discovering India

Ready for adventures? Jadyn thinks he is until he is dropped in India by one of his Magic Bubbles! Scared but curious, Jadyn meets new friends who introduce him to the Indian culture.

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I Met Gandhi!

Jadyn liked India so much in his previous adventures he decides to write his school report on Mahatma Gandhi, the world famous Indian peace activist.

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Kenya! Kenya!

Gigi, the giraffe shows Jadyn how animals live and especially the crucial necessity to protect the endangered species. The animals share their feelings and daily life with Jadyn who learn the precious value of respect and treating animals in their natural habitat. Includes poster, game & activities!

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