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Brigitte’s Brand New Book:

“Pearls for Parents Happiness — The Art of Parenting Through Inner Love”. 

Pearls for Parents’ Happiness offers you tiny changes to implement in your daily life that will make a
huge difference for your well-being, for your happiness, and for the blossoming of your whole family. 
The valuable wisdom, presented in 136 short parenting tips, is ideal for busy moms and dads who want to
grow a little each day as they teach their children to practice loving kindness, compassion, and joyful living.




Creative Mind Preschool is privately owned by an experienced preschool administrator, Brigitte Benchimol with a calling in life for education for the past 20 years and the previous owner of 2 successful preschools in Southern California. The dedicated administrator is tri-lingual, French, English and Spanish and has a passion for character education and inspiring children to learn. Brigitte is the Award Winning Author of the multicultural children’s book series: Jadyn and the Magic Bubble. Brigitte is an advocate of living consciously and facilitates nonviolent communication seminars to children and adults as well as Women Empowerment Workshops.



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Meet our CEO – Creative Educational Officer – Brigitte Benchimol
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Award-winning children’s book series from our Director – Brigitte Benchimol

Jadyn and The Magic Bubble

Discovering India

Ready for adventures? Jadyn thinks he is until he is dropped in India by one of his Magic Bubbles! Scared but curious, Jadyn meets new friends who introduce him to the Indian culture.

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I Met Gandhi!

Jadyn liked India so much in his previous adventures he decides to write his school report on Mahatma Gandhi, the world famous Indian peace activist.

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Kenya! Kenya!

Gigi, the giraffe shows Jadyn how animals live and especially the crucial necessity to protect the endangered species. The animals share their feelings and daily life with Jadyn who learn the precious value of respect and treating animals in their natural habitat. Includes poster, game & activities!

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