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3 Simple Ways to Help the Environment

Earth Day has passed but that should not stop us from choosing to be environmentally conscious every day! We consider ourselves at Creative Mind, to be a progressive preschool, where we don’t just reserve one day a year to helping the environment. In fact, we believe in teaching children a lifestyle in environmental consciousness.


What is the environment?

The environment refers to everything around us that affects everything in existence. When there is an environmental change, it affects all things such as people, animals, plants, the air, water, basically the whole earth. It is important to understand how our actions affect the environment and make changes accordingly. Creative Mind Preschool has thought of 3 lifestyle changes we can all make to protect the environment:

1. Use Less Water

progressive preschool

  • Let’s have fewer baths and take shorter showers. The less water you use, the less energy will be used to heat up water.
  • We can avoid having the sink running while you are brushing your teeth and always make sure the faucet is completely closed. Every drip and drop counts!
  • When watering plants and flowers in the garden, try to avoid using a hose and instead fill up a watering can! This will minimize the use of excess water.
  • Only open the faucet halfway. We don’t want to run out of clean water too fast.
  • Look at the bill with our children and make it a game to use less each month.


2. Use Less Power

progressive preschool

  • During the summer, let’s keep doors and curtains closed to keep out the heat during the day. In the evening, open doors and windows to let in cooler air.
  • Let’s turn off the lights during the day and always make sure to turn off the light when leaving a room.
  • Turn off electronics such as your TV, game console or computer when we are not using it.
  • Let’s go solar: California offers a major tax incentive to install solar cells.
  • When painting a roof, choose white because it reflects light and heat the best.


3. Make Less Trash

  • progressive preschoolReduce – Reuse – Recycle.
  • Re-use packaging more than once.
  • When doodling or printing, make sure to use both sides of the paper!
  • Let’s make sure to always hold onto our trash until we find a recycling bin.
  • Recycle your papers and plastics by putting them in the proper recycling bin.
  • Donate toys, books, games, and clothes to charities.


About Creative Mind Preschool

Creative Mind Preschool dedicates itself to teaching children love and an appreciation for all things in the world. As a progressive preschool, we aim to show children at an early age to be grateful and to treat everything and everyone with kindness. To take a tour of Creative Mind Preschool, contact us here. You can follow us for more updates on Facebook and Instagram!

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