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4 Imaginative Activities For Your Preschooler


Imaginative play between children and their parents is highly encouraged by all of the top preschools in Los Angeles.

Following some of the ideas below can help strengthen a child’s thinking and motor skills. For working parents, weekends are the only time they are able to dedicate a full day of play for their child. Here are a few fun activities you and your child can do over the weekend to help form a stronger bond.


1. Yoga

top preschools in los angelesYoga is a great exercise to do with your child to build healthy habits. When your child does stretching exercises, they maximize his or her body’s physical limits. Breathing exercises help your child reset their energy and learn to consciously relax. Yoga can help your child better-equipped for the stress they may experience in this world.

2. Camp Indoors

If time is an issue for you, no worries! You don’t have to drive all the way to a campground to camp with your preschooler. Bring a tent indoors, or make a fort using furniture. You can use construction paper to decorate your living room with “leafs” to give it a more authentic feel.


3. Build A Bird Feeder

top preschools in los angeles

An easy activity you can do after a walk in the park with your preschooler is building a bird feeder. If you happen to find a pinecone on your walk, you already have the most crucial material for your feeder. Simply tie a string around the pinecone and roll it in peanut butter. Sprinkle some bird seed on the pinecone and voilà! You now have a functioning bird feeder that your child can hang up. As your new bird friends begin to appear, we recommend that you spend some more time outdoors with your bird feeder.



4. Make a Memory Box For All Of Your Explorations

Whenever you go out with your child, they are bound to pick up some interesting things that they found along the way. From rocks to seashells, you can keep all of these knick-knacks in a memory box that can be kept in your child’s room. To start, find a spare box around the house to decorate. Make sure you have enough glue and safety scissors so your child can cut out cool shapes. Another decoration idea is adding stickers on the inside or outside of the box.


About Creative Mind Preschool

Creative Mind Preschool is no ordinary preschool. Emphasizing on positive character traits such as kindness, tolerance, and courage; Creative Mind Preschool is dedicated to helping your child to begin building positive habits for a healthier life. To learn more about why Creative Mind Preschool is one of the top preschools in Los Angeles, be sure to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter.

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