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During the enrollment process, a folder with a copy of the forms below will be given to you to fill out and to return to Creative Mind Preschool”

Forms Required to Enroll at CMP

  1. Pre-admission Health History
  2. Identification and Emergency
  3. Parent Rights
  4. Personal Rights
  5. Consent
  6. Physicians Report

What to Bring to School

  • Change of clothes – leave in the cubby and replace when necessary.
  • 1 nut free lunch everyday in a small lunchbox – Keep ice pack to keep the lunch cool or in a thermos if it needs to be hot
  • Please no candies or cookies. Extra snacks optional - we provide snacks twice a day at school
  • Diapers and wipes (for 2 weeks at least) + diaper cream (optional)
  • 1 cup with a retractable straw (better than sippy cup)
  • Sunscreen SPF40 (applied on your child before school) + hat.
  • Mommy/Daddy t-shirt (optional) – child can sleep feeling more secure.
  • All school paperwork if it was not completed previously + tuition fees
  • Please mark all your child’s belongings with a permanent marker

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