Our Philosophy

progressive preschool

  • Building Character
  • Nurturing Creativity
  • Stimulating Minds

Character education leads to a meaningful life: emphasizing respect, resilience, compassion, nonviolence, courage, gratefulness, kindness, perseverance, determination, social responsibility and a lot more. All of this is taught in context while children are playing and learning. Emotional Intelligence and Imagination is more important than academics at our progressive preschool.

Our goal at Creative Mind Preschool is for children to explore and discover the best of who they are. Our progressive preschool believes that great character traits combined with great habits are the secret to a happy life. It will enable them to learn better, feel secure in their explorations and expand their amazing potential.

Spanish Immersion for everyone – we learn a second language the same way we learned the first one – naturally, through listening and speaking.

Reading is fundamental – books everywhere and story time every day. Straight communication – with children will teach them to be truthful, trusting and therefore trustworthy.

Los Angeles Preschool
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We Provide for Children

  • Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies daily activity
  • Yoga & Soccer weekly for everyone
  • Healthy -mainly organic- fresh fruits snacks twice daily
  • An International Perspective
  • A Loving & Attentive Atmosphere
  • A Safe & Secure Environment with 8 cameras
  • An amazing energy
  • "It's a Magical School!” Sonia, mother of Ni.

We accept children from 2 to 6 years old and children still in diapers are welcome. We let children develop at their own pace. We offer a loving and compassionate environment where children thrive and experience an exciting learning adventure.

Learning should be exciting and filled with discoveries. We know children learn better through doing and experiencing. We offer a rich curriculum with rich activities integrating history, geography, math, science, social studies, art and imagination. We also practice a Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies curriculum teaching our children how to cope with their emotions.

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